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Construction Photo Management Software

Construction Photo Management Software From Build Pivot

Construction Photo Management is made easy with BuildPivot's award winning app.

Capture with your phone camera and rapidly upload or wait until you are back in the office on WiFi.

Once uploaded, you have 24/7 access to your photos on any device through the app or from our website.

Easy To Use

Build Pivot makes it simple to snap quality images quickly and easily. Two taps is all you need to capture a photo live from the site. We have big buttons so you don't even have to takes your gloves off.

Add Photos Easily With Build Pivot

You can snap a photo live on the site or take all your photos at once and then upload from your library when you have more time. You have total flexability.

Upload Live Or Choose From Library

Easy Sharing

Photos are only useful if the rest of the team can see them. You can share instanly from the app with Whatsapp, email or SMS. Take a photo on a site and send it to someone back in the office. Instant feedback and no hanging around. Construction Photo Management Software has never been so fast.

Bacth Upload

Upload single photos or large batches, directly from your phone. We automatically compress them so you can capture huge images from your phone and upload them at rapid pace.


As the Best Construction Photo Management Software, we use advanced image compression algorithms to reduce the filesize of your photos without impacting quality. A standard photo taken with a phone camera contains a lot of meta data such as phone model, camera version and its settings, exposure time, aperture value, etc. This information is not important for construction so we strip out all the unnecessary data and only keep what we need. The result is fast uploads even on a 3G connection allowing you to get around the job site quicker and be more productive.


Build Pivot timestamps all photos so you know exactly when they were captured and added. These values cannot be manipulated so there no doubt about the origins of an image. This also allows you to keep better records and see how the job is progressing over time.

Construction Photo Management From Build Pivot


Not everyone is a good photographer especially in construction, so if your photo doesn't speak a thousand words you can add a description to explain what it is. For the purposes of speed you don't have to specify this when uploading your photo and can leave it until later. We even log the time you added the explanation.

Build Pivot's Construction Photo Management Software is changing the game. Sign Up for a free trial to see why.