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Mobile Document Capture

Build Pivot gives you the ability to capture documents easily with your phone by simply taking a photo. As long as the photo is clear and the text is legible, Build Pivot will be able to read it and digitize so the document is stored online and the inner text is searchable.

The photo must be taken directly above the document.

You have the option of capturing a photo live or selecting a previously taken image from your gallery.

Live Capture

  1. Tap on Project
  2. Select A Project Mobile
  3. Tap on Docs Tile
  4. Documents Tile Mobile
  5. Tap the Add Doc Button
  6. Add Document Button
  7. Tap 'Choose Files' to open the file selector
  8. Choose Files Button
  9. Tap Take Photo Or Video
  10. Phone Photo Gallery
  11. Hold the camera directly above the document and take a photo
  12. Take Photo of Document
  13. If you are happy tap Use Photo
  14. Use Photo
  15. Tap Create
  16. Create Btn
  17. Your docs will be uploaded
  18. Upload Success