Build Pivot Software For Construction Management

Software For Construction Management has been around since the pre internet era and in many cases the usability has not progressed since those early days.

The time when people had to return to the office to enter all of the data from a day on site greatly impacted the speed and cost of construction projects.

In the preceding years many tools where released that gave Project Managers more flexibility to work anywhere they had their laptop. However lacklustre speed and complicated interfaces meant that the experience was never a good one.

In recent years some companies like Procore and BuilderTrend have tried to capitalise on the rise of the mobile web and proliferation of devices by creating Construction Management Software that can be used on a mobile device. While this is a step in the right direction, the performance, functionality and ease of use of on many products leaves a lot to be desired.

It is therefore no surprise to learn that 48% of Construction Project Managers still do not use any form of online tools or Construction Management Software to administer their jobs.

Build Pivot is the solution to all of these problems. It is a 100% online tool tailored for Home Builders and Small Construction companies to administer their business. Users get a dashboard that shows all of their projects and team members so they can get a complete overview of the work going on within their group.

Build Pivot Software For Construction Management

Further granularity is provided by the project watchtower. This is a central location to view all of the key metrics for a project such as cost, active tasks, progress reports and team members.

Software For Construction Management

Builders can benefit from premium features such as Document Management and Digital Signatures. Plans can be Annotated Online directly within Build Pivot removing the need to print out plans, scribble on them and then scan once more.

Furthermore, It's not only companies who benefit from Build Pivot as they can use it to handle Client Communications. Distributing Progress Reports is a simple as typing a few sentences and selecting a user to notify. You can take photos from the jobsite directly on a phone and include them in and reports given to clients.

Build Pivot is rapidly becoming the tool of choice for Builders that want a simple User Interface and a Cloud solution they can use to manage their business.

You Read the full list of features here.

Once you are ready, sign up for a 90 free trial of Build Pivot and start using the best Software For Construction Management on the market.