Cloud Construction Software Review

Cloud Construction Software has been in existence for many years since emerging as a option for Project Mangers around 2010 due improving internet speeds and more performant web browsers.

There had many attempts to move Construction Management online before this but the offerings where for desktop browsers only. This was a minimal improvement on the previous model of installable software packages as users still had to carry around their laptops and find an internet connection to update data from the job site.

The game changed with the arrival of tablet devices and particularly the launch of the iPad in April 2010. Suddenly, users had a large touch screen that was connected to the internet enabling them to view and interact with apps and software while on the go.

Big players in the Construction Software and Services market scrambled to capture a part of this emerging eco system by rushing products out the door just to have something in the app store in the hope that users would download it before a competitor captured their attention.

The critical mistake that many of them made was that they tried to shrink their desktop offering for tablet, believing that user experience would be sufficient to allow users to complete their duties on their shiny new devices.

However, Construction Professionals quickly discovered the experience was lacklustre and in many cases it was more efficient to revert to the laptop to complete a task.

Build Pivot

At Build Pivot we know that a tool built primarily for desktop cannot be injected onto a mobile device and expected to work with the same efficiency. The user gestures are entirely different to the click and double click actions performed with a mouse.

Build Pivot Construction Software In The Cloud

For that reason we have created the award winning mobile first Cloud Construction Software, Build Pivot. It is entirely online application with no downloads or plugins required. All you needs to do is visit on your phone, tablet or laptop to access your team.

Administering your Construction projects can now be done online. It doesn't matter if your are on the jobsite or on the beach. The only requirement is a stable internet connection.

Since our launch customers are reporting that they save an average of 8 hours per week using Build Pivot to automate their process. One client that came to us was losing entire weekends sending project updates via email, text and calls to stakeholders who where out of the country and unable to visit the job. Signing up for a Build Pivot trial immediately removed this inefficiency and he can now send Progress Reports with a few taps. He just enters a couple of sentences, takes photos with his phone that are auto inserted into the report and then presses send.

Build Pivot is making Progress Reports and Client Management easier. We are also quite happy that we can give our customers their weekends back.

Sign up for any plan now and you will get a 90 day free trial to help you save 8 hours per week!